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Download Demo Version | Buy Concentration CD

Stimulate your students' interest level with this innovative classroom review game. Classroom Concentration is patterned after the longest running game show in TV history, Concentration. Classroom Concentration is perfect for any level of review, from kindergarten through graduate level education. Like all of our games, many businesses use our software in their training sessions.

Just split the group into 2, 3 or 4 groups, turn the monitor toward your students (or start your projection system), load the program, and you're ready to go.

Based upon the same platform as The Ultimate QuizShow (which has been in development for over 16 years) Classroom Concentration will arrive with all the major features that has made The Ultimate QuizShow our most successful game program. The instructor has complete control in devising the questions and puzzles. It is ideal for any type of setting, whether it would be for the classroom, a business training session, or for family fun! Classroom Concentration is for Windows-based computer systems.

Complete customization of the Concentration game board

Actual Game Screen Shot
  • Change the game logo to one of your graphic files
  • All questions and the puzzles are supplied prior to "airtime," by you, the instructor
  • Up to four teams (or four individuals) can play at once
  • Simple question setup (if you know how to use a word processor, you can have a complete game ready to go in under 15 minutes)
  • Add graphics or sound files
  • Answers are displayed in gigantic letters for the entire class to see
  • Support for up to 2 keyboards (we recommend the P.I. Engineering - Y-Key, Key Dual Keyboard Splitter available from, search for "splitter")
  • Automatic scoring
  • Great graphics
  • Lively music

Download Demo Version | Buy Concentration CD

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