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Infrared Remote Controllers - November 2007
"A Jeopardy style TV game show program"
     Many of our customers desire a better solution to 'buzzing-in' when playing our games. We've worked to allow our software to support simple and inexpensive TV remote controllers. These TV remote controls are inexpensive and available at stores nationwide.
Totally Kewl !!!
     We are really excited about this option, since it is really cool, and the cost is reasonable.
History of the Buzz-In methods supported by The Ultimate QuizShow (formerly Classroom Jeopardy)
Buzz-In Method
Players raise their hands
No additional equipment needed.
Hard to tell who raised their hand first.
No additional cost
No additional equipment needed.
A little cramped when playing with more than 1 or 2 players.
No additional cost
Keyboard and Y-Key, Key Dual Keyboard Splitter
Spreads out the players.
Need an additional keyboard.
$50 for Y-Key, Key splitter.
USB gamepads
Players can be situated whereever the gamepads will reach.
4 USB gamepads, wires and extensions can become tangled.

About $10 per gamepad.

About $6 for each USB extension cable.

May need to purchase a 4 port USB hub if the computer doesn't have 4 USB ports. (about $15 to $20)

Buzzer systems
Works great once you figure out how to set them up.
$200 and up.
Wireless numeric keypads
Look Ma - no wires.

Players can buzz-in for other players.

Range can vary greatly.

About $30 per keypad.
Remote controllers
No wires. TV remotes are easily available and inexpensive.
None of which we are aware.

About $6 for the remotes.

About $50 for the IR receiver.*

* Purchase the IR receiver from Home-Electro.com.(Tira-2.1: Remote Control Receiver/Transmitter)
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