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Have an unlimited funding source for your training hardware and software? Then Respond ! from DEC Software is not for you. Typical audience response systems can cost from thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. DEC Software has developed an audience response system that can be put in place for less than $100.

No, it won't do a chi square test on your data* and it won't reveal when your null hypothesis is true, but it will allow small groups to interact with instructors, providing feedback AND keeping interest levels high.

The key to the Respond! system is an efficient software package coupled with 1 or more wireless numeric keypads (experiment with how many you will need for your size group). As with all of our software, download the demonstration program and give it a test-drive.

  • Supports up to 30 respondents
  • Easy set-up
  • Complete user control of class groups
  • Use as stand-alone application or use concurrently with PowerPoint (TM, (c) MicroSoft) or any presentation software
  • Give quizzes and/or tests
  • Keep them engaged
  • Sample PowerPoint template is included
  • Support for 2 modes of usage, Survey mode and Question mode
  • >
Survey mode

Actual Screen Shot
(PowerPoint on the left, Respond Survey on the right)
Question mode

(PowerPoint on the upper left, Respond Question Mode on the right)
  • Graphics and sounds are included, or can be muted so as not to interfere with the main program
  • Storage of data files is permitted for continued ongoing usage
  • Intuitive use of program - a manual is included, but you probably won't need it (and you probably wouldn't read it)
  • Classroom tested
  • Supports any numeric keypad, however we've had success with the 2 models shown. These are available at most computer electronics stores for under $30 per unit.
Targus Wireless Numeric Keypad

RocketFish Wireless Numeric Keypad

(you'll have to take it out of the package first)
Automatic scoring

*You thought we were kidding? A chi-square test is any statistical hypothesis test in which the test statistic has a chi-square distribution when the null hypothesis is true, or any in which the probability distribution of the test statistic (assuming the null hypothesis is true) can be made to approximate a chi-square distribution as closely as desired by making the sample size large enough

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