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Many customers wanted the convenience of trying our software before purchasing. We've implemeted the 'Test Drive" method, where a customer can download any of our programs in demo form and try it (the only limitation being that the demo software only plays the sample game that is included with that demo, in all other respects the software is fully-functioning)

Order the CD from our web site
-Install the program on your computer.
-Activate the software

An unlock code, also called a license, is required for each computer on which you want to run a program. For example, if you want to run The Ultimate QuizShow on your desktop computer at home, and you would also like to run The Ultimate QuizShow on a laptop you use for presentations, you will need 2 unlock codes.

For each full-priced license you purchase, we sell up to 2 additional unlock codes for $20 each. In the above scenario, you would purchase one unlock code $49.95 for The Ultimate QuizShow at full price and one additional unlock code at the discounted $20 price.

We use this method of software authentification (similar to what Microsoft does with Windows XP) because it helps keep licensing costs low. Other software companies charge much higher rates for initial purchases and do not actively limit the number of computers on which you can install their programs. As our company was founded by an educator, we've decided to offer much lower prices for our software, but limit the number of computers you can install it on. Therefore our products are more attractive to those who don't want to go through the seemingly endless requisitioning process needed for high-priced purchases.

We firmly believe in our software as a fantastic way of introducing other methods of learning, methods that are quite entertaining as well. Our software is written by educators and has been tried and tested in the classroom for more than 20 years. Businesses love our products as well as a great way to liven up conferences and other training settings.

The bottom line is that we want to share our software with those interested in providing other outlets for learning.

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