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Download Demo Version | Buy Millionaire CD

Classroom Millionaire is a game for an entire group of students that is patterned after the TV game of similar name. The object is for a contestant to get as many correct answers as possible, without a wrong answer, thereby moving higher on the prize level.

Classroom Millionaire provides for a systematic and interesting review exercise for any group. The moderator tailors the game to his/her needs by supplying the questions, answers and prizes (you don't really plan to give away a million bucks, do you?).

Classroom Millionaire allows the operator complete control in devising questions, answers and prizes. It is ideal for any type of setting, whether it would be for classroom, business purposes, or for family fun! Classroom Millionaire is for Windows based machines.

Complete customization of the Classroom Millionaire game board
Custom Millionaire
Actual Game Screen Shot
Change the game logo to one of your graphic files
  • All questions and answers are supplied prior to 'airtime' by you, the instructor
  • Fastest Keyboard round to determine next participant
  • Simple input of questions and answers
  • Answers are displayed in large letters for the entire class to see
  • Great graphics
  • Support for up to 4 contestants (and or teams)
  • Lively music
Download Demo Version | Buy Millionaire CD

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